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How should the bottle be stored? What is its shelf life?

We state a “five-year shelf life” solely because most food supplements bought, are taken far within five years. In addition, we have a lot of health stores and retail companies that sell our product overseas and it may be months before they bust open their last case. Considering it is a complex carbohydrate, our product is virtually imperishable.

For example, a bag of sugar can be stored for close to a decade; as long as it didn’t get wet, it will still be just as good in your coffee the next morning. That is the very nature of complex carbohydrates; they are nature’s armor when it comes to Plants and Fungi. As long as Beta Glucan is stored dry at room temperature, I would say its shelf life is virtually indefinite. Moreover, we have done shelf life studies where we demonstrate the Biological Activity remaining stable even after five years.
~AJ Lanigan

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