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Why have you chosen to study Beta Glucan’s effects on cancer?

To some extent, science is a little bit like prostitution, you go to where the money can be. We cannot work in any vacuum, we can only do the science if we have money for it. It sounds sad and to some extent it is. But the type of research done 150 years ago;,somewhere in a garage and basement people like Pasteur and Rontgen, these guys almost without any money and look what they found.

It doesn’t work this way anymore. It’s so expensive you have to get resources, you have to get grants and so on. To get grants basically means that the foundation giving the grant has to find out the money somewhere. So they are lobbying this disease is more important putting money there, so that’s why the most money, really in the last decade maybe two decades, is used for the cancer research. Because of cancer research, we as a glucan researchers are just doing the same thing.
~Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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