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Why are some Beta Glucans more Expensive?

When manufacturing Beta Glucan, it is undoubtedly cheaper to not purify the product at all. Many sellers of “Cheap Beta Glucan” are doing this; they are simply harvesting dead baker’s yeast. As far as the the commodity goes, it is not much good to the Baker if it doesn’t make bread rise.

Historically, if you had yeast cell walls that were dead, they would recycle it into animal feed are they would use it as a “thickener.” Once it was determined that there was a “treasure” inside, companies found this yeast byproduct to produce a certain level of Biological Activity in regards to the Immune System.

Now we know that the more “highly purified” the product is; the stripping away of the Fats, Proteins, Chitin, & Glycogen, the much more potential the material has to increase our Immunity. Therefore, the cheaper alternatives will actually strip your wallet of more money than buying the more expensive, more potent Transfer Point product initially.
~AJ Lanigan

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