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What Common Disorders does Beta Glucan help with?

Don’t be using the General Internet, go to PubMed and/or Medline and type in “Glucan,” “Glucan and Cancer,” “Glucan and Virus,” “Glucan and Bacteria”; I would say that it is going to be heavily weighted on the research side when regarding Cancer.

For example, thousands of articles have been published on PSK Krestin, a mushroom-based glucan that has actually been approved as a drug in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, and other Pacific Rim Countries as a treatment for Cancer. The Science of Immunology itself, is barely 50 years old. Thus, as the tools to measure Immune Response and Genetics grow, these areas will become increasingly important to the Health and Science of Medicine in the near future.

I firmly believe that 100 years from now, if not sooner, we will look back and view procedures such as Chemotherapy & Radiation as barbaric as how we perceive “bleeding out bad humors from the body” was 200 years ago. Ironically, all the experts in Health and Medicine back then would have deemed you a Heretic, had you disapproved.
~AJ Lanigan

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