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Is Beta Glucan safe for Autoimmune and Liver Transplant patients?

It is a different story for a transplant patient. It is a clear no, because everybody who has any type transplantation is on a heavy, heavy doses of immuno-suppressant drugs and that is a norm for anybody. And you don’t want to have the immune system suppressed by a medication and stimulated by glucan at the same time. So for this type of patient it is a straight no.

For auto Autoimmune diseases, it is a little more complicated. First of all there are about 80 different types of auto immune diseases and, and if you don’t know yet too, too much about them and most of all we don’t know what is causing the disease. But it is still the immune system somehow goes berserk and attacks our own body and we don’t want to stimulate it even more.

It is very few studies so we cannot be 100% sure if glucan can do any harm but in this case it is better to be safe than sorry.
~Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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