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Will Beta Glucan Harm an Autoimmune Condition?

I want to tell you with sincere honesty, that there is not a whole lot of people around that have read and studied and associated with the world’s experts on this topic, more than myself. The general consensus among all the experts is that we really don’t know. With all the research done on safety, well, they never took any kind of population of people with autoimmune disorders like MS, alopecia, skin conditions, Chrohn’s Disease and the list goes on. There must be 85 to 100 different autoimmune conditions. The problem with autoimmune disorders are, we don’t know and understand what causes them and without knowing what causes a condition, it makes it impossible to talk about fixing it.

Now the classical wisdom, the standard of care, if you please, suggests we are just going to turn your immune system off; with the use of things like prednisone, cortisone, other corticosteroids and maybe even certain types of chemotherapy to shut down your immune system. Now the doctor is not going to say this, but, it’s because they don’t know what else to do: that is the truth. Now if you go to your pharmacist (or maybe the doctor himself will come clean) and ask, they may say if you keep taking his prednisone or cortisone or this chemotherapeutic agent long enough, you will find yourself needing another 10 to 12 drugs to offset the problems they created.

That being said, I would say that a person with an autoimmune condition needs to sit down with their pharmacist and medical doctor to get a clear understanding. Bring a copy of an excellent book written by one of the top researchers in the world, Dr. Vaclav Vetvika who works at the University of Louisville. The name of the book is “Nature’s Secret.” Have the pharmacist, the doctor, and the medical experts sit with you and read the chapter on “mechanism of action.” It explains exactly what beta glucan does and how it does it. It’s very well understood and many peer-reviewed medical articles been published on the topic.

Have the conversation with your medical team, that if you keep taking prednisone and cortisone and these other drugs long enough, you understand all of the negative side effects. Tell them you know, that they don’t know (no one knows), what is causing the problem and that none of the drugs you are taking have the ability to fix the issue at hand. Explain that you might possibly want to play outside the box. You are already coming to see them on a regular basis to get your blood work drawn, so now you want to have them watch what is going on (watch the effects of Beta Glucan as you take it). Then, as a group, decide on how you want to approach the idea of using this immune modulator (Beta-1, 3D glucan).

Just know, this is a controversial subject. It would be a lot easier to predict the safety and efficacy of beta glucan if you came to me with a staph infection and were taking penicillin, or if you had a tooth to be pulled or even if you were on chemotherapy for a particular type of cancer. I would support, without a doubt, that Beta-1, 3D Glucan would be 100% safe and not interfere with your medications. When it comes to an autoimmune disorder, the research is not there and we simply choose to stay out of the middle.
~AJ Lanigan

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