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How long until Beta Glucan Starts Working?

According to several universities, blood work done just one day after taking the initial capsule shows certain Immunological Markers reacting to the Beta Glucan Supplement. Almost every time a person calls and asks, “when will I know it’s working?”; they mean “how long until this psoriasis goes away … how long until this cold goes away?”

The immune system is going to define that; your overall health condition is going to define that. We know that immunological markers start moving right away but at the end of the day, it will be your immune system that answers this question. One researcher claims that it works, and that it works every single time. Therefore, your definition of “works” needs to be tempered with the understanding that we are not dealing with a specific condition or a specific disease.

Our product is about helping the immune system; in a nonspecific manner, the immune system is going to do what it needs to do in a correct fashion.
~AJ Lanigan

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