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How Effective is Beta Glucan at Raising the Immune Response?

There are a number of different measures that universities use to test this pertinent question. The first step is to establish, what is “normal immunity”? If I’m a perfectly healthy individual, at what point does my immune system respond? Your neutrophils, the majority population of your immunocytes, on any given day may be 50% – 70% of your white blood cell army.

So the question is, how many of these trillions of white blood cells come to your aid in the face of a challenge? The answer is roughly 30 to 31%. Even healthy immune systems operating at 100%, really only utilize 30 to 31% “numbers wise.” Someone who is not healthy may not have the benefit of 30 to 31% immune response.

To distinguish efficacy, you measure the immune response while doubling the dosage. It may go from 30% to 35%, from 35% to 40%, from 40% to 48%, and so forth. At some point, that dosage curve will flatten out and regardless of how much glucan you take, your immune response may not go up any farther. This point has been measured to be roughly 60% to 70% Immune Response, effectively doubling your immune army that’s involved in the fight.

There are other intangibles as well. How much more killing is each one of those cells doing? How much farther are those cells traveling to eliminate foreign invaders?
~AJ Lanigan

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