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Will Beta Glucan Cause a Yeast Reaction?

The short answer is “no,” Transfer Point Beta Glucan is an intensely purified compound: meaning that the material is freed, through an extraction process, from all the unwanted impurities that might tend to cause yeast infections or exacerbate other allergic conditions.

The process for purification is done by taking the yeast cell wall (which is already dead) and stripping away all fats and proteins leaving behind a highly purified complex carbohydrate. Proteins can be the culprit of yeast infections or exacerbate allergic conditions. Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan is not a “live” yeast.

In the grocery store, Fleischmann’s Baker’s Yeast is actually a “live” organism and should be avoided by those with yeast infections or allergies. Finally, Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan is rated “GRAS,” meaning Generally Regarded as Safe, by the U.S. FDA. On the label, there are no allergy warnings like many companies must have (or should have) because of their high protein content.
~AJ Lanigan

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